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Tales of Pirate Gold and Pieces of Eight

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"Ship Sinks Millions in Payroll Lost"

Imagine yourself standing on shore watching gold slide into the murky depths You know where, and soon you will be helping yourself to a sunken treasure.

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"The New York East River Bank"

It still holds almost three million in English gold that sank just off what is now the Bronx New York. Known treasure details are found on page 92 in the book

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"The Red Eyed Cat"

An ordinary ceramic cat with a "X" on the bottom, holds a treasure of Rubies, lost in the United States and never found. Could it be in your attic? or a small secondhand store?
Get the description page 116 in the book

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"John Dillinger's Loot"

buried in a Wisconsin field under a few inches of dirt is a suitcase with $200,000 never found. Can you track it down with the clues found on page 120 in the book?

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"Bushels of Diamonds"

believe it or not in the desert near Las Vegas are diamonds equal to any in Africa, the original diamond blue pipe still holds an untold fortune for whoever finds it again. With the help of info on page 81 that someone could be you.

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"The Madre del Oro"

The mother of all Treasure, fabulous wealth is waiting for the one who solves these clues that may be part of all the lost gold mines of the southwest.
The clues and a map are on page 85 in the book.

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"The Blue Ridge Code"

Think you can crack any code? then $9 million in Treasure is waiting. The book gives you the code it's on page 117 in the book. all you have to do is crack it.

Exciting Electronic Book Tells Where To Look

  These are just a small sample of the exciting Treasure sites described in the Book.

"Locating Lost Treasure and Lost Gold Mines Sites, Treasure Sites for Treasure Hunters"

Anton Leiter's short story format is bound to kindle even the dullest imagination by thought of finding hidden Treasure on a lonely Beach or the sands of our great southwest. Chests of gold ingots, bags of coins buried on the wild shores of rivers near rocks with mysterious marks indicating where the Treasure is hid.

Leiter tells us that the original adventurers whether Pirate, prospector or bandits faced hazards to their life and treasure and often found it necessary, from time to time, to bury their Treasure with the firm intention to return at some future date.

Many returned and recovered their horde but just as many, due to the nature of their existence, never seem to make it, whether insurmountable hazards, confinement or simply unable to remember where the cache lay.

This is the bases for the Treasure sites in this book. Today's Treasure Hunter using the book as a starting point and modern equipment and techniques has a realistic chance of claiming that which has been buried for hundred of years.

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