True ebook Stories of Lost Gold Mines, Pirate and Buried Treasure Sites of Legend


The site locations of Lost Treasure throughout the United States were collected and edited by Anton Leiter from his legacy of a vast collection of Treasure history passed down through letter and printed stories from his uncle Raymond Dow a famous treasurer collector and others like Bob Nesmith of the Foul Anchor Archives in New York.

These great icons of treasure hunting knew the starting point of Treasure is information, The collection of which occupied their lifetimes. The problem with these past collectors was they were not up to the task of organizing and presenting the information that they had available. This task fell upon Leiter who after a successful career in aerospace engineering has turned his attention to the exciting field of Treasure hunting.

"Buried Treasure and Lost Gold Mines", his first effort, fills a critical need of today's Treasure hunting. That of providing the informative starting point for the treasure hunting novice.

All successful Treasure hunting starts with the knowledge of a Treasure site, to which the Treasure hunter puts his own analytical abilities and intuition of reading faint signs. Signs that were there, at the start, for all to see.

Anton Leiter, an ardent Treasure Hunter, maintains this treasure hunting website for information about the pursuit of Treasure. The information has been available from his large collection of out-of-print books and articles.